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As one of the oldest trail races in California, the Mt. Wilson Trail Race takes you 8.6 miles from Kersting Court in Sierra Madre to Orchard Camp and back. The elevation gain is over 2160 feet on a winding course that changes regularly due to fire, earthquakes, and erosion. The original path, first used by the Gabrielino Indians, was dug out by Benjamin "Don Benito" Wilson in 1864. Are you ready to join the adventure?
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Fletcher Trail Maintenance Fund

Fletcher Trail Maintenance Fund
Help Preserve Sierra Madre’s Trails

The Fletcher Trail Maintenance Fund  pays for the equipment, materials, and supplies, used by the all volunteer Trail Maintenance Crew to repair and maintain Mt. Wilson Trail and Bailey Canyon Trail.   The goal of the volunteer Trail Maintenance Crew is to keep the trails safe for public use.  All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a donation acknowledgment letter.  Neither the City of Sierra Madre nor the US Forest Services provides any labor or supplies.  Mother Nature never takes a break and continually wreaks havoc on the trails. Rain, rockslides, downed trees, wind, wildlife, and continued use by the public all contribute to trail erosion and cause constant severe damage to our trails.  Please support keeping the trails safe.

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